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Beach volleyball is a team sport with two teams of two players playing on a sand court. The objective of the game is to send the ball over the net on the ground of the other team. The rules are quite the same as in indoor volleyball but still with the fundamental differences. In beach volleyball are two players in one team instead of six players. A team is allowed up to three touches to return the ball across the net to the other team. The ball is put into the game by the serve. The server steps behind the line at the back of the court and hit the ball with a strong serve and not crossing the line. The beach court is slightly smaller than indoor court, but the biggest difference is in sand court instead of hard court as in indoor volleyball. Sand ground is more difficult for players to move and jump.



How Did Bikinis Come To Be The Uniform For Women’s Olympic Beach Volleyball?

There have  been differences  between women and  men volleyball team  uniforms that are easily noticed. As that women frequently participate in bikinis while  men play wearing  tank shorts and tops. Questions have come up in a number of conversations why is there have been such a variation on the clothing of athletes wear. Back in the days these… Read More »

Why Are Brazilians So Good At Volleyball?

For those who follow volleyball sport, it is a known fact that Brazilians excel and easily outscore anyone in the volleyball court. Dubbed as the volleyball nation, Brazilians are so good with the volleyball sport that they are known for dominating the game in every competition. Welcome to Brazil, A Volleyball Nation Brazil’s rich tradition… Read More »

Are the Olympics the Highest Competition for Volleyball?

Volleyball Is A Highly Popular Sport Worldwide Its adaptability leads to its worldwide appeal. Playing volleyball requires little equipment aside from a ball and space to play. You can play volleyball in a gym, on grass or on the beach sands.  Volleyball was introduced as an indoor Olympic sport in 1964 for men and women.… Read More »

Is It True That Sand Volleyball Burns More Calories Than Indoor Volleyball?

Volleyball Is A Great Way Of Getting More Exercise Participating in regular exercise is important, it helps prevent weight gain and keeps your body fit. Volleyball is a great way of getting more exercise. It is a team sport that builds friendships while making getting active an enjoyable experience. It is also a relatively easy… Read More »

How to Switch from Indoor to Beach Volleyball

“Guest Post from Beach Volleyball Space” There has recently been increasing interest from players across all levels on how to switch between indoor and beach volleyball. On professional level only few players have made the transition from indoor to beach volleyball successfully. Amongst them are Canadian Sarah Pavan and Dutchman Maarten van Garderen that both… Read More »

Beach Volleyball Will Always Be My First Love

I started playing beach volleyball when I was in college.  My new college friends were beach volleyball enthusiast, and I quickly got the knack of the game.  I loved being outdoors, on the beach and surrounded by friends doing what we all loved doing.  Beach volleyball was our weekend escapes from the rigors of Monday… Read More »

Top Must Haves For Beach Volleyball Play

Beach volleyball is a great sport for people who live on the ocean as I do. In my case, it’s Miami Beach and the miles along the coast to the Atlantic Ocean. Playing beach sports is part of my weekend routine, but beach volleyball takes precedent. People play beach volleyball all over the world and… Read More »