For Women Who Love To Play Volleyball

By | August 29, 2018

Designed For Women Who Love To Play Volleyball

I got bored of my old shorts and decided to go online shopping. It did not take me long to find out about the spandex shorts at Full Commando specially designed for women who love to play volleyball with a free spirit. This is exactly what I needed to boost my game. My old shorts not only looked tacky, but also restricted my muscles and made it difficult for me to bend during those hard shots.

What I like about these spandex shorts?

What I like about these spandex shorts is that the 4″ inseam design is perfect for the play, and very practical. It gives you all the mobility you need while adding modesty to the attire. The moisture wicking fabric leaves your body cool even on a hot summer’s day. I tried my new spandex shorts out on the beach last week, and they felt great during the game.

The spandex shorts give my body a very flattering look

The spandex shorts have a very classic look, and feel very sleek. The design is very novel but it does not look like a boring old uniform at all. It is a basic women’s volleyball short, and that is how it should be. I wear it to my other games as well, not just volleyball, and I have felt the same comfort each time. The spandex shorts give my body a very flattering look. The seamless silhouette design coupled with a wide and flat waistband looks absolutely stunning below my favorite college jersey. I found matching T-shirts to go with all the spandex shorts that I had bought, and my friends simply love my new sportswear. I love to play volleyball in this volleyball spandex shorts.

And Guess What….

These spandex shorts are the best thing that I have ever bought.

The flatlock seams in the spandex shorts also protect my thighs against chafing and bunching which is a huge comfort. My old shorts always chafed my skin especially during a long match. But now I do not have to worry about all that anymore, I can play volleyball for as long as I like, whether I am out in the sun or inside the volleyball court. These spandex shorts are the best thing that I have ever bought, and they fit right into my budget. They are super cheap and far better in quality than those high-end brands which rip you off and sell you a useless poor quality product.


These shorts are super long-lasting, and come out brand new even after several washes. I have washed my shorts after every game, but they have retained their elasticity and shape.

The color did not fade, and the fabric felt just as smooth like when I wore it for the first time.

All my friends had been asking me where I bought my shorts from, so I let them in on my little secret. I want every girl to enjoy playing volleyball just as much as I do without having to worry about their sportswear.

Here’s the Deal:

Pro Volleyball Shorts is available exclusively at – Order today to receive 30% off!! – If you purchase 4 of them as a package you receive 30% off!! Here is a print screen from their product page:

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