Proven #1 Volleyball Shorts – Only Shorts That Don’t Ride Up!

By | July 30, 2018

Finally – Volleyball Shorts That Don’t Ride Up, Aren’t See Through And Can Be Worn Without Underwear!

When your teenage daughter is on the volleyball school team, it is something to be proud of. But you need to provide her with the right sports apparel so she can feel comfortable during those long hours of practice. Some moms like to dress their girls up in old cheap volleyball shorts but do not realize that they do not function well during the game. They ride up and create discomfort for the young players who keep twitching and fidgeting during the game, trying to bring them back in place. The whole experience can be quite embarrassing and nerve wrecking.

Many girls have been discouraged from playing volleyball due to this very reason!

It makes them lose focus on the game, and they feel hesitant to jump and dive fearing that their spandex shorts will roll up again. Most schools have gotten ride of the old typical shorts and introduced volleyball spandex shorts as part of the team uniform. The players who have tried the shorts have reported positive results. The team coaches as well see the difference, and say that their girls have started playing more efficiently and their confidence has increased.

Check out what other Moms like you are saying about Pro Volleyball Shorts 

The reason why Pro Volleyball Spandex Shorts are so comfortable is because they material is meant to hug your body, so they never ride up during the game. They also cushion your muscles and help in proper circulation of the blood. That means your teenage girl never feels tired after the game. What is amazing about this Pro Volleyball Shorts is that the black spandex material is meant to absorb sweat leaving the body dry and fresh. Sweat is a common cause for skin rashes, but when you are wearing spandex shorts, the problem is over. The spandex material is also designed to keep the body cool. Even if you are playing volleyball on a hot day at the beach, the spandex shorts will keep you cool and dry.

The great thing about Pro Volleyball Shorts is that they are super easy to clean, and do not get any stains.

You simply throw them in the washing machine, and leave it out to dry. They also dry very quickly which is a huge advantange for busy sports players who always have one game or the other to go to. Moms can relax too because they do not have to worry about long hours of dirty laundry anymore after the kids return from the game.

Most teenage girls feel conscious about their bodies, and try to avoid the muffin top look. The Pro Volleyball Shorts give a very flattering shape to the body, and look very stylish at the same time. When a young girl is in her spandex, she feels more confident and surer about herself which is vitally important because she has to concentrate on her game. Girls who wear women spandex shorts have more fun and enjoy their matches with a complete sense of assurance that their apparel won’t fail them.

If you have looking for a spandex short for your daughter, check the Pro Volleyball Shorts website. They have a huge variety of brilliant designs and colors. Also, if you order 4 pairs of spandex, you get free shipment.

23 thoughts on “Proven #1 Volleyball Shorts – Only Shorts That Don’t Ride Up!

  1. Teresa

    I was looking at FullCommando product for my daughter, she is a volleyball player. She is 14 and is not sure how she feels about commando…

  2. Sandra

    I am a runner and part of a running group but am on injury recovery but my daughter plays club soccer and volleyball. She hates all the vball shorts out there because of the seams and the fact the ride up and is constantly pulling them down in games. I read about Full Commando product on a volleyball page.

  3. Amy B.

    The idea definitely interests me. I coach a volleyball team and my daughter is a part of the team. We were looking at the black spandex shorts. We wanted to see how they look on, how they feel, etc. if this was something that she liked, the thought was, if we can get a discount, we would order 10-12 pair of these spandex for the whole team.
    I am assistant varsity coach for our high school volleyball team and I also am a part of running our AAU (travel) volleyball program.

  4. Janette G.

    That’s both cool and a bummer!
    I love the idea. I was originally looking for spanx for pole class that are short enough for grip but would not be too detailed if you know what I mean. Once I read the info about the fabric I thot that would be awesome for all my other workout because I constantly sweat thru my leggings and it’s always embarrassing. I do Volleyball, OCR, Crossfit, Yoga, Dance….. I love wider waistbands because they sit nicer on my hips. Thin bands just give me a muffin top.

  5. Elizabeth Hayes

    I really wanted to buy the full commando volleyball spandex after reading this review. We were so excited when they finally came in for my daughter to try. We have gone through 5 brands before these but these by far are the best spandex on the market. The fabric is soft to the touch and hugs the body better. The flat seams make them super comfortable. The material does not show anything and provided both player and parent the confidence that they will be completely covered while on the court. The elastic stitching makes the shorts move better and don’t restrict movement. Plus the material does not feel wet or heavy when they get sweaty. By far the best spandex for volleyball I loved them so much I have a pair for running too.

  6. Carolina Moser (Health & Wellness coach)

    I have worn the shorts and loved them! I was surprised with how comfy they were. Often the waist band of Spandex shorts cand squeeze me around the waist. The material of the Full Commando shorts felt so luxuriously soft and fit seamlessly. I wore them during my lift and immediately washed them that night because I wanted to wear them again. I put them back on the next morning, this time to lounge and run errands. They are perfect for the gym or for everyday! I was a little apprehensive towards seeing how “squat-proof” they would be… but they passed the squat test AND sweat test!! Thats a combination that is hard to find.

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