What Position Do Tall People Usually Play In Volleyball?

So You’re Pretty Tall, Huh? Lots of tall people are nervous about their height in volleyball.  You can’t get a job as an air steward if you’re over six feet tall, but if you like your sport, there are spaces on a volleyball team for those of us who tower over the other tiny humans. … Read More »

No Ride Up Volleyball Shorts, Every Teenager Girl Needs This!

“Hi!   I was browsing for a solution for what kind of things people do to help athletes keep from picking at their volleyball shorts during play.  I came across your product and thought, “What the heck!  Let’s give it a try.”  So, I purchased a pair of Full Commando Volleyball Shorts for my daughter Lilly. … Read More »

Proven #1 Most Practical Volleyball Knee Pads

As a mother of a teenage athlete, having the right Volleyball Equipment is incredibly important. That’s why I was thrilled when my daughter announced that we wanted to play volleyball. When she told me that needed to purchase knee pads, I thought it would be easy to find a good pair. But as I looked… Read More »

What Are The Measurements Of a Volleyball Court?

Next to soccer, volleyball is the second most popular sport worldwide. Like soccer, volleyball requires few pieces of equipment. Players enjoy the versatility of playing the sport in a variety of settings such as outdoors, on the beach or on indoor courts. Volleyball is played on a court with nets separating the two opposing teams.… Read More »

How Can a Beginner Start Playing Volleyball?

Interested In Playing Volleyball? Volleyball is a great sport that is not only fun to play but playing volleyball will also help enhance your communication skills and ability to cooperate and get along with a team. It is also a wonderful exercise to burn those excess calories and for muscle strength and toning. Volleyball is… Read More »

Why Is Volleyball So Hard To Learn?

For some people watching on the side of the court, volleyball is an easy game to play. One would think spiking, blocking, and diving into the ball happen just like that. However, the truth is, volleyball is an intense sport. If you want to excel in the volleyball game there are a number of things… Read More »

History Of Volleyball

Today, volleyball is everywhere, but in history – less than 120 years ago, volleyball did not exist. Less aggressive and lower impact, volleyball was born out of a desire to have a sport for the older crowd, for professionals and businessmen who wanted the enjoyment of playing a sport, but did not want a full… Read More »

Safest Volleyball Knee Pads For My Daughter

As a mother of a teenage athlete, having the right Volleyball Equipment is incredibly important. Sport is one of the best ways for children to stay fit and active. But, when my daughter had an accidental fall and grazed her knees, I wanted to do everything I could to prevent another injury. The most obvious… Read More »

Methods for Washing Volleyball Knee Pads

Volleyball players tend to enjoy the sport’s intensity, however, their knees- and kneepads- suffer a brutal beating. Knee pads require routine maintenance to remain durable and smell acceptable. Conserving the appearance of volleyball knee pads and washing them hence requires an appropriate cleansing frequency and process. Although there are many ways to clean kneepads, the… Read More »