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Other sports which is not directly connected with volleyball can be really supporting activity to volleyball. Active lifestyle and practicing range of different sport will make you stronger and create a healthier version of yourself. When you are on the volleyball court you can use all different sport experiences which help you and your team to score a game!

What are Some Effective Methods to Improve Your Volleyball Hit?

Athletes are always trying to improve themselves, working hard to be the best athletes that they can be. This means always looking towards the most effective methods of training. This is as true for volleyball players as it is for any other sport. Here the goal is to help you find the most effective methods… Read More »

The Technology That Goes Into Activewear

Since the 1980’s the design and technology that goes into making activewear has come a long way.  Long gone are the days of ill-fitting and inappropriate fabrics for people that live an active life.  The range of activewear for women has grown tremendously with clothing specifically designed for every sport and physical activity there is. … Read More »

Thank You Fashion Cycle – Leggings Are Back!

The fashion-cycle is roughly ten to twenty years.  The fashion-cycle refers to the cycle of trends that re-emerges after a period – that is one reason you should never throw out some of your wardrobe staples. And guess what-leggings are back! My fashion sense is almost non-existent.  Those in-trend and in the know would probably… Read More »

‘Hotpants’ that are neither hot not pants!

As a thirty something year old active female I don’t suppose I am the only one to notice the problems with our clothing… From ‘Sports Bra’s’ that do nothing to support the amply busted to ‘Hotpants’ that are neither hot not pant. We really do suffer the worst in terms of sportswear. And it’s not… Read More »