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Full Commando leggings are made with Full Commando technology which means you do not have to wear underwear below your leggings. Why? Because Full Commando technology has a special designed gusset lining. Gusset is made from 3 different layers. The inner layer and the middle layer are the absorbent layers. They work to wick the liquid away from your body – absorbing, wicking and drying. The outer layer is made from the same material as leggings. With Full Commando technology you don’t have to worry about sweating, visible panty lines or even about finding a clean pair of underwear in the morning.  You don’t have to worry about see through problem, because material is really soft and thick, but breathable.

Thank You Fashion Cycle – Leggings Are Back!

The fashion-cycle is roughly ten to twenty years.  The fashion-cycle refers to the cycle of trends that re-emerges after a period – that is one reason you should never throw out some of your wardrobe staples. And guess what-leggings are back! My fashion sense is almost non-existent.  Those in-trend and in the know would probably… Read More »

‘Hotpants’ that are neither hot not pants!

As a thirty something year old active female I don’t suppose I am the only one to notice the problems with our clothing… From ‘Sports Bra’s’ that do nothing to support the amply busted to ‘Hotpants’ that are neither hot not pant. We really do suffer the worst in terms of sportswear. And it’s not… Read More »

It’s Not You, It’s Your Workout Clothes!

Have you ever gone on a run and felt so unfocused and uncomfortable as you go about your usual route? Pause for second before jumping to the conclusion that it’s your body’s fault. There are a lot of reasons for this. Lack of sleep, hunger, the cold weather… but have you ever wondered if your… Read More »