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Leggings are a type of trousers that is a strong protective garment for the leg because it is tightly fitted. You can wear it during volleyball practice, yoga classes, running and other workouts. The reason is its flexibility, light weight and soft texture. The main material for leggings is normally synthetic lyrca. Back in the days people wore leggings for workouts. But in the late 2010s leggings became a part of fashion trend. People started to wear them for outside sporting activities and in casual settings.


Thank You Fashion Cycle – Leggings Are Back!

The fashion-cycle is roughly ten to twenty years.  The fashion-cycle refers to the cycle of trends that re-emerges after a period – that is one reason you should never throw out some of your wardrobe staples. And guess what-leggings are back! My fashion sense is almost non-existent.  Those in-trend and in the know would probably… Read More »

It’s Not You, It’s Your Workout Clothes!

Have you ever gone on a run and felt so unfocused and uncomfortable as you go about your usual route? Pause for second before jumping to the conclusion that it’s your body’s fault. There are a lot of reasons for this. Lack of sleep, hunger, the cold weather… but have you ever wondered if your… Read More »

Full Commando Leggings Saved My Life

I haven’t always worn leggings. I just always thought that leggings weren’t for me (which is crazy, because leggings are for everyone). But when I did start wearing leggings, I still fell into the stupid mistakes that everyone does, and still ended up uncomfortable. I didn’t do anything about it, though, because I was so… Read More »

The Best Thing About Leggings – Freedom Of Movement

Freedom of movement Leggings are great aren’t they? You can feel freedom of movement. They’re comfortable, customizable, and you look good wearing them. They can be worn at any occasion, from casual to professional. Have a meeting in 20 minutes? Throw on a pair of black leggings with a cardigan, short dress or long blouse. Friends… Read More »