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Volleyball Shorts are the most essential equipment if you play volleyball. But also all frustrating problems come from spandex shorts. If cheap volleyball shorts ride up or are see through when we squat we cannot enjoy volleyball game fully. Pro Volleyball Shorts designed by Full Commando do not ride up and are not see through. Great team of ex pro volleyball players found out unique solution.

Why Do Volleyball Spandex Shorts Need To Be So Short and Tight?

I’ve always wondered why women’s volleyball spandex shorts were so short and tight. Was it for the sex appeal? Was there some other sinister reason? Аre these shorts ultimately sexist? Аs a woman myself, I always felt uncomfortable when I saw these shorts on TV in some international volleyball championships. So, I decided to do… Read More »

5 Tips to Keep Your Volleyball Shorts from Riding Up

Volleyball shorts tend to be short! The problem with volleyball shorts is that they tend to be very short. This may make you feel uncomfortable, constantly worrying about how you can prevent these shorts from riding up on you. By following these tips, you will help to prevent your volleyball shorts from riding up while… Read More »

How To Keep Volleyball Shorts From Riding Up

Stop Volleyball Shorts From Riding Up! A common problem that athletes often have, especially volleyball players, is that the volleyball shorts ride up the crotch during the game. It can be very uncomfortable not to mention embarrassing when this happens in a match. Even when you are jogging, cycling or doing a workout, having your… Read More »

Volleyball Has Always Been Part Of My Life

I love volleyball and as a volleyball player it is important to wear the right type of clothing in order to push myself to the max. So I usually wear spandex underneath my cotton shorts and up until a few months ago I could never play to my full potential. I had extreme discomfort at… Read More »

Life-changing CrossFit Choice to help you Workout Without Muffin Top Look

CrossFit is the rage in exercise for the fittest out there. Men and women go to specialized gyms and events to participate in the CrossFit challenge. I just love the demanding challenge in mixing heavy weights, speed, and strength, a workout unlike any other. It demands blood, tears, toil, and a ton of sweat. But,… Read More »

How the Incredible Ultra-Comfort Pole Dance Shorts Changed My Life!

If you haven’t heard by now, ladies, pole dancing is not only for the strippers and their tease in gentlemen’s clubs. For the last few years, pole dancing has become a new fun way to exercise and get in shape. It builds up upper body strength, as well as muscles up the arms, thighs, and… Read More »

Top Must Haves For Beach Volleyball Play

Beach volleyball is a great sport for people who live on the ocean as I do. In my case, it’s Miami Beach and the miles along the coast to the Atlantic Ocean. Playing beach sports is part of my weekend routine, but beach volleyball takes precedent. People play beach volleyball all over the world and… Read More »