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In addition to all of the benefits that volleyball has to offer, it is a great starter sport for families who do not wish to commit to a sport that requires a lot of equipment. A player essentially only needs a ball, net, and court to play. Other accessories such as ankle support, knee pads, and volleyball shoes may also be required, but equipment requirements for volleyball are significantly less than other sports such as lacrosse or hockey.

Is It True That Sand Volleyball Burns More Calories Than Indoor Volleyball?

Volleyball Is A Great Way Of Getting More Exercise Participating in regular exercise is important, it helps prevent weight gain and keeps your body fit. Volleyball is a great way of getting more exercise. It is a team sport that builds friendships while making getting active an enjoyable experience. It is also a relatively easy… Read More »

What’s an Appropriate Age to Start Volleyball?

Volleyball is not only a great sport for young adults, but for children too! It is an involved game with many rules and components that requires a level of cognitive logic and attention span that may not be appropriate for children under the age of 5. The Only Reason I Go to School is to… Read More »