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Volleyball Shorts that don’t ride up is all what volleyball player needs. Full Commando designed spandex shorts with perfect inner pad which protects player from leaks and also can be worn without underwear. Pro volleyball shorts really become a fashion statement. Amazing professional spandex shorts are really comfortable. Women’s spandex shorts were developed with real unique design which has not been known yet. Black spandex shorts were tested by professional volleyball players. They gave Full Commando five star for such a great product.

How To Keep Volleyball Shorts From Riding Up

Stop Volleyball Shorts From Riding Up! A common problem that athletes often have, especially volleyball players, is that the volleyball shorts ride up the crotch during the game. It can be very uncomfortable not to mention embarrassing when this happens in a match. Even when you are jogging, cycling or doing a workout, having your… Read More »

Volleyball Has Been Part of My Life For as Long as I Can Remember

Volleyball has been part of my life for as long as I can remember. I started playing volleyball at school, and then got selected into the team. I continued playing volley at college, and any time I could find in between my studies. I used to love going to the beach just to play volleyball… Read More »

The Spandex Shorts-You Do Not Have to Wear Underwear Below Them

I can’t believe why I never tried spandex shorts before. I am a volleyball enthusiast, and I hit the beach as soon as summer begins, ready to start my game. But the shorts that I used to wear while playing always made me twitch. They were loose and thin, so I had to wear underwear… Read More »

Playing Volleyball In These Shorts Is Extremely Easy

I’ve loved playing volleyball since I was a young girl. The idea of learning multiple skills enthralled me since I’ve always been open to trying new things. What attracted me the most was the challenge it took to learn everything—the attacks, the spikes, the blocking. As a little girl who played only with her father,… Read More »

Pro Volleyball Shorts that are Comfortable like crazy!

Imagine this: Volleyball Shorts that don’t ride up require no underwear, are still comfortable like crazy, and are easy to move around in. I’ve always loved volleyball—and beach volleyball on the extra sunny days—but if there was one thing that I disliked, it would be the spandex I wore when playing.

The Answer to Every Woman’s Volleyball Player

There have been great strides made over the years when it comes to the design and manufacture of woman’s activewear. No longer do we have to contend with see-through spandex or ill-fitting gear. The technology available to manufacturers these days, allow them to make and design workout gear for every shape, size, activity, and style.… Read More »

Full Commando Caught My Eye

Volleyball shorts have always been a hassle, and I’m sure that you might agree. I always used spandex, which is what everyone used to play volleyball (that is unless it was beach volleyball). Still, I didn’t like them. They felt awkward, and they were unbearable sometimes. I didn’t like how they stuck to me, or… Read More »

Beach Volleyball Will Always Be My First Love

I started playing beach volleyball when I was in college.  My new college friends were beach volleyball enthusiast, and I quickly got the knack of the game.  I loved being outdoors, on the beach and surrounded by friends doing what we all loved doing.  Beach volleyball was our weekend escapes from the rigors of Monday… Read More »

No Ride Up Volleyball Shorts, Every Player Needs This!

Finally – Volleyball Shorts That Don’t Ride Up, Aren’t See Through And Can Be Worn Without Underwear! If volleyball is a big part of your life, then you’ll know the struggles of trying to find a pair of shorts you can count on. Over the years I’ve tried everything from regular old spandex to various… Read More »

Volleyball Has Always Been Part Of My Life

I love volleyball and as a volleyball player it is important to wear the right type of clothing in order to push myself to the max. So I usually wear spandex underneath my cotton shorts and up until a few months ago I could never play to my full potential. I had extreme discomfort at… Read More »