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Yoga is extremely popular activity in last decade. it’s kind of sport and spirit correlation which create healthy mind level.

Full Commando Leggings Saved My Life

I haven’t always worn leggings. I just always thought that leggings weren’t for me (which is crazy, because leggings are for everyone). But when I did start wearing leggings, I still fell into the stupid mistakes that everyone does, and still ended up uncomfortable. I didn’t do anything about it, though, because I was so… Read More »

So Long Thong: Totally Uncomfortable Pieces Of Fabric

What is your morning routine like before getting ready for your morning exercise? Before going to grab your morning coffee from the coffee shop down the store? Does it involve putting on a very thin triangular piece of fabric (thong) underneath your pants? For most women, it does. Why do we wear these? Why do… Read More »

Wearing Underwear Under Your Workout Pants Catches The Sweat

Having an active lifestyle is the beginning to a healthy life. Doing something is always better than doing nothing. The best thing about starting an active lifestyle, is expanding it. I know when I first started jogging every day, it lead to doing other things like mixed martial arts and yoga. However, something I neglected… Read More »