Ultra-Comfort, NO Ride Up Volleyball Shorts! NO Muffin Top, NO See Through, NO Cameltoe!

By | July 22, 2017

Whether I’m stretching before a game, or spiking hard over the net, playing volleyball is a big part of my life. I’ve tried many different workout shorts to find the ones that will support my active lifestyle, but no matter how many brands I buy, I keep finding the same two frustrating volleyball shorts problems:

1. The shorts are see-through!

Have you ever bought the perfect pair of shorts for your body, but unfortunately found out fabric was see through? Have your friends pointed out you had gone without panties? If you’re like me, you don’t want to share your body with the world. This was my life for a long time. Before every workout I had to make sure myself in the mirror, and watch what colors I wore. As time went on, my self-consciousness grew and began affecting my play. I jumped less, ran less, and grew more discouraged. My coach grew disappointed in my performance, but couldn’t think of a better pair of shorts.

Eventually, I came across Pro Volleyball Spandex Shorts. The fabric was matte, thick, and I no longer had to worry about anyone seeing through my clothing. With this problem solved, my love for practicing and pushing myself returned. I went to games, or practice, and raved about the Pro Volleyball Shorts. I wanted everyone to know about these shorts that came out of the box ready-to-work.

2. The cheap volleyball shorts ride up!

While wearing other shorts, the second problem I found was asymmetrical seams. During games, I constantly had to pull my shorts down as they crept up my legs. I yanked at my shorts more often than bumping the ball! If I didn’t have time to adjust them they would tighten around my thighs and restrict my circulation. I would have rings around my thighs as the fabric rubbed against my skin. Though the packaging of these brands said they would fit my body, the fit was wrong. I asked around for reviews on other spandex shorts, and though many women had the same issue, none were able to solve my problem.

This became such a distraction that I was unable to support my team as I had done before!

Again, Pro Volleyball Spandex Shorts was the answer to my trouble. With its precise measurements, and dig-free waistband, it settled on my body and stayed where it should. The lightweight, smooth, microfiber blend remained cool in hot weather and gave me comfort all day. My thighs remained free from suffocating fabric and I was able to run faster, jump higher, and stay flexible throughout the entire game. Pro Volleyball Spandex Shorts is a life savior.

I’ve told my entire team about them. We’re better than ever!

PS: See how Pro Volleyball Shorts perform in action (the one wearing all black):


If you really want that revolutionary volleyball technology change your life try Pro Volleyball Shorts now!

Official website: https://provolleyballshorts.com/

14 thoughts on “Ultra-Comfort, NO Ride Up Volleyball Shorts! NO Muffin Top, NO See Through, NO Cameltoe!

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  9. Carolina Moser (Health & Wellness coach)

    I have worn the shorts and loved them! I was surprised with how comfy they were. Often the waist band of Spandex shorts cand squeeze me around the waist. The material of the Full Commando shorts felt so luxuriously soft and fit seamlessly. I wore them during my lift and immediately washed them that night because I wanted to wear them again. I put them back on the next morning, this time to lounge and run errands. They are perfect for the gym or for everyday! I was a little apprehensive towards seeing how “squat-proof” they would be… but they passed the squat test AND sweat test!! Thats a combination that is hard to find.

  10. Elizabeth Hayes

    I really wanted to buy the full commando volleyball spandex after reading this review. We were so excited when they finally came in for my daughter to try. We have gone through 5 brands before these but these by far are the best spandex on the market. The fabric is soft to the touch and hugs the body better. The flat seams make them super comfortable. The material does not show anything and provided both player and parent the confidence that they will be completely covered while on the court. The elastic stitching makes the shorts move better and don’t restrict movement. Plus the material does not feel wet or heavy when they get sweaty. By far the best spandex for volleyball I loved them so much I have a pair for running too.

  11. Janette G.

    That’s both cool and a bummer!
    I love the idea. I was originally looking for spanx for pole class that are short enough for grip but would not be too detailed if you know what I mean. Once I read the info about the fabric I thot that would be awesome for all my other workout because I constantly sweat thru my leggings and it’s always embarrassing. I do Volleyball, OCR, Crossfit, Yoga, Dance….. I love wider waistbands because they sit nicer on my hips. Thin bands just give me a muffin top.

  12. Amy B.

    The idea definitely interests me. I coach a volleyball team and my daughter is a part of the team. We were looking at the black spandex shorts. We wanted to see how they look on, how they feel, etc. if this was something that she liked, the thought was, if we can get a discount, we would order 10-12 pair of these spandex for the whole team.
    I am assistant varsity coach for our high school volleyball team and I also am a part of running our AAU (travel) volleyball program.

  13. Sandra

    I am a runner and part of a running group but am on injury recovery but my daughter plays club soccer and volleyball. She hates all the vball shorts out there because of the seams and the fact the ride up and is constantly pulling them down in games. I read about Full Commando product on a volleyball page.

  14. Teresa

    I was looking at FullCommando product for my daughter, she is a volleyball player. She is 14 and is not sure how she feels about commando…

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