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Volleyball shorts is the most essential volleyball equipment. You have to be really careful when you choose volleyball spandex shorts. A lot of cheap volleyball shorts are not appropriate for every day practicing. Very often spandex shorts ride up and are see through, especially when you squat. Young team of ex professional volleyball players came up with an idea to create spandex shorts which don’t ride up, aren’t see through and can be worn without underwear.

What Should a Beginner Wear For Their First Volleyball Game?

The most important thing for your first game is that you’re comfortable.  Wear volleyball clothes that you’re familiar with, and that give you the room to move as much as you need to on the court.  Breathability is totally important too – a breathable game kit is the difference between you being able to hug… Read More »

What Equipment Should Volleyball Players Have

What Volleyball Shorts Volleyball Players Need? Volleyball is a fun and exciting game. But like all other sports, you need the right equipment to enjoy the game fully. In general, every player needs volleyball shoes, knee pads and spandex shorts to walk with confidence to their match. The proper sports equipment is essential for your… Read More »