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If you wonder what equipment besides volleyball shorts is essential for playing volleyball the answer is volleyball knee pads. They protects your meniscus and the patella from many potential accidents and painful diving. Almost all professional players wear knee pads to fully protect their knees. However it is really important that you have knee pads which fit your knee well. And please do not buy knee protectors from cheap companies. They will not protect you in real you will just spend your money. Remember your health is the most important thing and only you are responsible for that.

Methods for Washing Volleyball Knee Pads

Volleyball players tend to enjoy the sport’s intensity, however, their knees- and kneepads- suffer a brutal beating. Knee pads require routine maintenance to remain durable and smell acceptable. Conserving the appearance of volleyball knee pads and washing them hence requires an appropriate cleansing frequency and process. Although there are many ways to clean kneepads, the… Read More »

Why Do You Need Knee Pads for Volleyball?

Knees undoubtedly suffer throughout the course of a volleyball game. Players constantly dive to the floor to get the ball, and their knees suffer a blow against the floor. The impact of the fall is influenced by the whole weight of the body, which is depending on the knees during these collisions. Although your body… Read More »